I use quality essential oils in my products, but sometimes, you might want your own oils at home! If you need Young Living essential oils shipped to you, please contact me (Allie) at thebohemiannation@gmail.com and I would be happy to send you your order directly. If you'd like to sign up to order your own oils (at a 24% discount), you can follow this link. I'll send you a free surprise gift from the website for signing up and including my number (10816991 in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID fields).

Some ideas for using essential oils or Young Living products at home:

-Step one: buy a diffuser!
-Carry calming oils like lavender or Peace and Calming II in your purse and smell during stressful situations.
-Diffuse Thieves oil if you're sick.
-Smell peppermint oil while studying or needing a boost to stay awake.
-Definitely carry some mood-boosting essential oils like Joy or Stress Away when traveling or when you have a big day at work!
-Use Purification oil to clean your home and keep it smelling fresh.
-Put some massage oils on your holiday list and plan a date night with your significant other.
-Learn how to blend oils in your diffuser to create a custom scent for when guests come to your house.
-Check out the always-changing seasonal collection, like this Christmas Spirit oil.
-Give an oil collection as a holiday gift or birthday present.
-Once your collection grows, spend $10 on a bottle organizer.
-For healthy teeth and gums, use Thieves mouthwash and Thieves toothpaste.
-Put a few drops of geranium oil or eucalyptus oil in your bath.

I personally don't ingest oils EVER. I use them topically, in beauty products, or diffuse them only, but some people do ingest them, use them in cooking, mix them with tea or water, or add some to a pill capsule, which you could do at your discretion. Make sure you read up on it first.

Why Young Living?
I have loved essential oils for years, and I've never been too picky about the brand. I thought the competitive nature of selling oils and the bad-mouthing of the other companies was such a turn-off. I've gotten oils from Amazon, Whole Foods, local pharmacies, and many other venues, and I actually was a distributor for Doterra for some time and purchased my oils there. How big of a difference in quality could there be?

Once I started making my own beauty products from the collection of oils I had accumulated, I learned that there was a huge difference! One $10 "off-brand" essential oil would take an ENTIRE bottle to make one candle! When I used Young Living oils, their potency allowed me to add less product and gain the same great scent I wanted. And once I learned of Young Living's steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing process, I was sold.

I would love to share this quality product with you and your family. Please contact me if you have any questions about signing up, and I can give you and tips and tricks I've learned in the process! (Example: The default sign-up kit for becoming a distributor (and getting your 24% off your oils) is $160, but there is a hard-to-see link to switch it to a $45 package, which is much more affordable).